Temporal framework for Java

Coming features


Serialization support will be generalized.


For later


Synchronized decorators are planned for much later.


Like java.util.Map, but with the time dimension added on top.

Many-to-many mediators

Today we instantiate for example a TemporalSet for each Employee and then insert the Skills.
If we want a reverse navigability (for example from Skill to Employees) we need to maintain another set of TreeTemporalSet.
With the "many-to-many mediators" it should be possible to instantiate one global mediator for all Employees and Skills, allowing double navigation.

These new mediators could be similar to the [GoF94] mediator, with additionally the temporal dimension.

Temporal constraints

Once the many-to-many mediators are defined, it is possible to define temporal constraints. That means for example enforcing that an employee can have a salary only when he or she is employed by a company.


[GoF94] Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson and John Vlissides, Design Patterns, Addison Wesley 1994.

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